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The Mid-Tier Advocacy (MTA) is a non-partisan organization made up of the country’s top veteran-owned, service disabled, hub-zone certified, minority-owned and woman-owned businesses.

These businesses operate as federal government contractors and provide federal agencies with services of all kinds, including information technology, engineering, logistics, facilities management, operations and maintenance, consulting, international development, scientific, social, environmental services, construction and more. Together, the MTA members employ millions of Americans across the country, abroad and in some cases, Iraq and Afghanistan.

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Advanced Small Business Contracting Pilot

Although government contracting programs for small businesses are essential to getting government business, no federal program exists to support small companies who have achieved growth beyond the small business size standards but are not considered large companies. These companies, known as mid-tier companies, have struggled with building on their success in the federal contract arena. We support the creation of a mid-tier contracting pilot program to fill the gap that currently exists between small contractors and very large contractors. We believe these advanced small businesses would generate jobs and strengthen the industrial base.

To date, Congressman Connolly, Congressman Graves and Congressman Rogers collaborated on legislative language supporting a pilot demonstration approach which is now included in the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This pilot will enable small businesses to transition into full and open competition by first allowing them to grow up to twice the size in an employee based size standard or three times the receipts in a receipt based size standard with limited competition from large corporations.

Your Role
As business owners, senior managers and executives, you play a major role as active participants in the favorable outcome for the advanced small business growth pilot! WRITE or CALL your United States Senator NOW!
House Operator (202) 224-3121

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MTA CEO Roundtable Member Featured in the New York Times!

CEO and President Louisa Jaffe was featured in "The Boss" column of The New York Times business section under the headline "Military Metamorphosis." In this article, Ms. Jaffe takes readers through a historical journey starting with her military service.

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"There is no category or recognition of mid-sized firms," says Tonya M. Speed, the group's executive director. Many inevitably surpass the size limits, she adds, and consequently, "they are competing with companies that are sometimes more than 30 or 40 times their size."

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