Mid-Tier Advocacy, Inc. (MTA) was established to work toward the elimination of the competitive disadvantage facing small emerging and mid-tier government support services companies. A nonpartisan organization, MTA works to raise the recognition of mid-tier businesses as an industry size category between large and small businesses, increase in size standards and data analysis or studies of the federal industrial base. We leverage the collective voice of our member firms to influence federal policies that impact their growth and sustainability. MTA consists of federal contractors that represent a cross section of industries, from information technology to manufacturing to construction. These businesses service federal, state, and local governments, and employ millions of Americans across the nation.

Growth & Sustainability
Middle market companies have proven their success by outperforming companies of their size. With the support of business-friendly government regulations, these companies can continue this success and take on new employees that larger corporations experiencing economies of scale do not need in order to continue growing. This is better for our economy and better for America.

Legislative Efforts
MTA was instrumental in the creation of a set-aside pilot program for mid-size businesses in the National Defense Authorization Act in 2012. The set-asides for the pilot program were to be taken from the 77% of contracts available to large corporations, leaving the 23% of contracts available only to small businesses untouched. Under this pilot program, businesses with less than twice as many employees and less than three times the amount of revenue as their NAICS code allows would be classified as a mid-size firm, and eligible to apply for these set-asides. The results of the study on the mid-tier businesses which will determine recommendations for such a pilot is due to be released by the Department of Defense. The pilot, study and activity leading up to its ultimate release is a result of mid-tier firms raising the issue before Congress – as a collective voice.

Access to Capital
The growth of many small businesses emerging as mid-tier companies is hindered when they lack access to capital. Many middle market companies have struggled to find financing since the 2008 economic downturn, which has endangered the future of businesses in the middle market, a sector where the opportunity to create jobs is ripe. Mid-Tier Advocacy, Inc., supports policies that provide these firms access to capital, allowing robust and innovative businesses to continue growing.

Job Creation
Employing more than 44 million Americans, mid-tier companies comprise almost one-third of the world’s strongest economy. Over the past few years, mid-tier companies created 70% of all new jobs. Mid-Tier Advocacy, Inc., is committed to ensuring that government regulations allow that sector of our market to continue growing steadily and continue adding jobs as the economy recovers.