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Washington, DC—November 16, 2017 – On Tuesday, Mid-Tier Advocacy (MTA) presented at a Roundtable before the House Small Business Committee. The discussion, Leaving the Nest: Challenges Facing Advanced-Small Businesses, explored the challenges to success for advanced-small or mid-tier firms. Attending on behalf of MTA was the Founder and Chairman, Tonya Saunders, and Mr. Peter Provenzano, CEO of SupplyCore, who also sits on the Mid-Tier Advocacy CEO Roundtable. Representatives from additional firms were in attendance, including Bryan Davis, SupplyCore and President of the MTA Board; R. J. Kolton, DSA; Heidi Gerding, Heitech Services; Rose McElrath-Slade, CEO SRI; James T. George, MSTI; and numerous staff and several committee members of Congress, including Chairman Steve Chabot.

About the Committee

The Small Business Administration (SBA) recognizes two categories of businesses – small and other-than- small. For small businesses, the SBA provides a number of federal contracting assistance services and programs, including eligibility for small business set-aside contracts. Consequently, once a business exceeds the SBA’s size standard, it is no longer considered small and becomes ineligible for SBA assistance. These advanced small and mid-tier businesses are too big to qualify for set-aside contracts, yet must compete in the open marketplace against billion dollar firms. The core objective of the SBA and the Small Business Act is to promote small business growth and success. Evidence suggests some firms may be deliberately avoiding growth, choosing to stay small to reap the benefits of being a small business to avoid facing the uphill climb of competing with very large corporations.

MTA used this meeting as a forum for House Members to learn about this middle market and the implications for this purported disparity for mid-size businesses and the federal procurement market.

About Mid-Tier Advocacy, Inc.

Mid-Tier Advocacy, Inc. (MTA) is a 501©3 organization that was established to work toward the elimination of the competitive disadvantage facing small emerging and mid-tier government support services companies.  To learn more about Mid-Tier Advocacy, visit



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