1. Links to some Army commands’ Acquisition Forecasts:

2. MEDCOM Highlighted Acquisition Opportunities:

  • The Health Readiness Contracting Office awarded contract #W81K04-12-D-0017 to Laboratory Corporation of America on June 1, 2012 for Clinical reference Laboratory Testing. The contract’s last date to order is March 31, 2018.  NAICS Code: 621511, PSC: Q301.  Place of Performance:  Nationwide with some OCONUS locations. Point of Contact: Ned Stephens Jr,210-221-5609, ned.stephens.civ@mail.mil.  Army Medical Command OSBP:  Pete Hunter, 210-295-7178, j.hunter4.civ@mail.mil
  • The Health Readiness Contracting Office awarded contract # W81K04-17-D-0014 noncompetitively to J&J Maintenance, Inc. on July 31, 2017 for Healthcare Housekeeping and Environmental Services. The contract’s last date to order is July 31, 2018.  NAICS Code: 561720, PSC S299.  Place of Performance:  San Antonio, Texas.  Point of Contact: Ned Stephens Jr, 210-221-5609, ned.stephens.civ@mail.mil. Army Medical Command Advocate for Competition:  Daniel R. Signore, 703-681-8496, daniel.r.signore3.civ@mail.mil.  Army Medical Command OSBP:  Pete Hunter, 210-295-7178, peter.j.hunter4.civ@mail.mil
  • The Health Readiness Contracting Office awarded contract # W81K04-16-D-0039 noncompetitively to MedTrust LLC on September 28, 2016 for Registered Nursing Services.  The contract’s Estimated Ultimate Completion Date is September 30, 2017.  NAICS Code: 621399, PSC: Q401.  Place of Performance:  San Antonio, Texas.  Point of Contact: Ned Stephens Jr, 210-221-5609, ned.stephens.civ@mail.mil. Army Medical Command Advocate for Competition:  Daniel R. Signore, 703-681-8496, daniel.r.signore3.civ@mail.mil.  Army Medical Command OSBP:  Pete Hunter, 210-295-7178, peter.j.hunter4.civ@mail.mil
  • The Health Readiness Contracting Office awarded contract #W81K04-12-D-0004 on January 26, 2012 to Infused Solutions LLC for Office Administrative Services as a result of a competition limited to eligible 8(a) concerns.  The contract’s last date to order is 30 September 2017. NAICS Code: 561110, PSC: R699.  Place of Performance:  San Antonio, Texas. Point of Contact: Ned Stephens Jr, 210-221-5609, ned.stephens.civ@mail.mil.

Army Medical Command Advocate for Competition:  Daniel R. Signore,703-681-8496, daniel.r.signore3.civ@mail.mil.  Army Medical Command OSBP: Pete Hunter, 210-295-7178, peter.j.hunter4.civ@mail.mil

  1. Regional Health Contracting Office-Central awarded contract # W81K00-14-D-0030 on March 4, 2014 to Magnificus Corporation as the result of a competition limited to eligible 8(a) concerns for various direct healthcare provider services.  The contract’s last date to order is 31 March, 2018.  NAICS Code:  622110, PSC: Q201.  Place of Performance:    Point of Contact: Ms. Patricia Barber, 210-221-4266, patricia.a.barber.civ@mail.mil.
  2. The United States Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity awarded contract # W81XWH-13-C-0003 on October 31, 2012 to Clinical Research Management, Inc for certain professional services as a result of full and open competition.  The Estimated Ultimate Completion Date for this contract is October 31, 2017.  NAICS Code: 541990, PSC: R499.  Place of Performance:  Frederick, MD.  Point of Contact: Jerome Maultsby, 301-619-2471, k.maultsby.civ@mail.mil.

3. Highlighted Acquisition Opportunities:

  • Cyber Security Information Management Support Services (AMCOM):  SBSA – (RFP through FEDBIZOPPS) AMCOM  G-6 The purpose of this effort is to provide the U .S. Anny Aviation and Missile Life Cycle Management Command (AMCOM LCMC) Communities/Project Managers/Program Executive Offices (PM/PEO) and Redstone Arsenal tenant activities with CSIM expertise.  These CSIM support services provide Weapon System Management, Industrial Base Operations, and System Information Technology (IT) life cycle support and solutions from concept development through sustainment. CSIM requirements include advanced business processes, expertise in advanced state-of-the-art IT/IM, and providing system security services that will continue to expand due to new missions, IT enterprise initiatives, Base Realignment and Closure (BRAC) rulings, and changing customer requirements.
  • Logistics Support Facilities Management Agency V (AMCOM):  SBSA – Multiple Award Task Order Contract  (DRAFT RFP through FEDBIZOPPS) Logistics Support Facilities V (LSF) The LSFMA contracts will provide modifications to aviation systems owned or supported by the Program Executive Office (PEO) Aviation, Army Materiel Command (AMC)/Aviation and Missile Command (AMCOM).  This includes support to legacy systems and variants for Army Aviation Systems operated by other government agencies and Foreign Military Sales (FMS) countries with particular emphasis on force protection items. It includes the non-recurring engineering in support of Modification Work Orders (MWOs) associated with Army Aviation modifications, the application of these modifications to the fleet, and the logistics support activities associated with supporting aviation customers.
  • 8(a) Competitive Single Award Task Order Contract This contract is intended to provide for a full range of new construction, alterations, maintenance, repair, sustainment, restoration, and modernization services for the U.S. Army Garrison and the tenant organizations located at Redstone Arsenal. Potential projects include, but are not limited to: administrative facilities; base support and facility maintenance shops; child development centers; physical fitness centers; vehicle maintenance and engine repair shops; food service facilities; public safety facilities (police, fire and crash rescue); airfield structures (including rigid and flexible paving); roads; ball fields; bridges; underground utilities; overhead utilities; gates; warehouses; auditoriums; and research, development and testing facilities. The work also may include incidental design and testing, studies, and survey and abatement for lead based paint (LBP) and asbestos containing materials (ACM). Facility repairs, renovations and construction shall conform to the requirements of the technical criteria listed in the task order. These objectives shall be achieved through the implementation of task orders issued under the terms of this contract for all of the herein described tasks or additional tasks described in specific task orders.
  • AMCOM EXPRESS “Evergreen” On-ramping:  SB – GSA Blanket Purchase Agreements – Technical, Business and Analytical, Programmatic, and Logistics Domains AMCOM (Strategy Approved, pending DRAFT RFP through e-Buy) On-ramping Technical Domain Oct 2017 – 541715, 541330 Provide technical expertise toward the research and development of exploratory and advanced development projects, and/or programs to advance technology.  Perform research and development activities in the technical specialty areas. Plan, develop, and conduct analysis to establish the feasibility of systems/subsystems/components meeting requirements and/or adequacy of design.  Develop and integrate advanced technologies including guidance, control, sensor, propulsion, airframe, launcher structures and interfaces, embedded computer hardware/software, embedded diagnostics and ancillary equipment, into suitable test bed systems and/or subsystems while maintaining total system safety and integrity.  Design and develop recommended component specifications. Develop and evaluate recommended system requirements to determine technical feasibility and/or functional adequacy for current and future components/systems.  Establish and/or provide recommended technical/test requirements, specifications, acceptance criteria and measuring programs consistent with design criteria.  Provide technical expertise for timely consideration and integration of latest technological advances and military materiel requirements as these factors relate to and influence the execution of the technical tasks.  Provide technical expertise toward safety, human factors engineering, product assurance, manufacturing science and technology (MS&T), and value engineering in the technical specialty area.  Maintain direct and continuing technical liaison with other Government centers, laboratories, and agencies; contractors; and universities in the technical specialty area.  Provide design, fabrication, and bench test technical expertise to Government projects including: electronic circuit/breadboard/brassboard design and fabrication, machine shop fabrication including generation of shop drawings or from Government drawings, engineering mockups on stereo lithography models, and laboratory testing of such hardware to validate function or measure performance.
  • On-ramping Logistics Domain Jan 2018 (subject to change) – 541614
  • On-ramping Programmatic Domain Apr 2018 (subject to change) – 541611
  • On-ramping Business and Analytical Domain June 2018 (subject to change) – 541611
  • Solicitation # W56HZV-16-R-0150 to be issued by ACC-WRN (TACOM LCMC) NAICS:  332994 Nomenclature:  M203 Grenade Launchers (GL) for the M4/M4A1 and M16 Family of Weapons NSNs:   1010-00-179-6447 for M203 GL  (Qty Estimate 160-4,000)    /    1010-01-495-8511 for M203A2 GL (Qty Estimate 2,500 – 10,000) Proposed Contract Type:  5 Year FFP Requirements Contract Acquisition Strategy:  100% Small Business Set Aside
  • Solicitation # W56HZV-16-R-0210 to be issued by ACC-WRN (TACOM LCMC) NAICS:  336212 Nomenclature:  Procurement for up to 1,204 Type II Light Engineer Utility Trailers (LEUT) in support of PEO CS&CSS requirements Proposed Contract Type:  5 year Ordering, with 2 option years Acquisition Strategy:  100% Small Business Set Aside
  • Fort Stewart BOMSS – MICC Center Fort Bragg has a SDVOSB Set-Aside requirement (NAICS 561210) from Directorate of Public Works (DPW) to provide Base Operations and Maintenance Support Services (BOMSS) at Fort Stewart & Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia.  This requirement provides effective stewardship of installation resources and is comprised of 19 specific tasks that results in multiple Preventive Maintenance Orders (PMO’s), Standing Operating Orders (SOO’s), Individual Job Orders (IJO’s).
  • Fort Stewart DFA – MICC Center Fort Bragg has a SDVOSB Set-Aside requirement (NAICS 561720) to re-procure Fort Stewart Dining Facility Attendant (DFA) for 13 Dining Facilities at Fort Stewart/ Hunter Army Airfield, GA. Tasks to be performed include, but are not limited to the following: janitorial, custodial duties within dining facilities. Included in these duties are sweeping, mopping, scrubbing, trash removal, dish washing, waxing, stripping, buffing, window washing, pot and pan cleaning and other sanitation related functions.
  • Fort Sill Fires Center of Excellence (FCoE),  Training Mission Support Contract -MICC Center Fort Eustis has a SBSA requirement (NAICS 541990) to develop and produce training strategies, doctrine, concepts, instruction and products for the current and future force.
  • White Sands Missile Range (WSMR) Information Systems Operation Service Support – MICC Fort Hood has a WOSB set-aside requirement (NAICS 541513) from the Information Management Directorate at WSMR Test Center to provide Information Technology Management Support Services.  The Solicitation is W91151-17-R-0039.
  • Test Support Services and Maintenance Support at Fort Hood – MICC Fort Hood has a Small Business Set Aside (SBSA) requirement (NAICS 561210) from the Army Test and Evaluation Command to provide test support services and maintenance at Fort Hood, Texas.   A draft solicitation is projected to be issued in October 2017.  (Note:  This SBSA action is replacing a contract that was previously being performed by large business (W91151-13-D-0005)).
  • Support Base Services – MICC Fort Sam Houston has a SDVOSB set-aside requirement (NAICS 561210) to provide augmentation services to support the mobilization/demobilization of soldiers at 25 primary installations (CONUS).
  • Full Food Service – MICC Fort Sam Houston has a SLA/SDVOSB requirement (NAICS 722310) to provide all resources and services to perform Full Food Service in 10 dining facilities located at Fort Jackson, SC.  This requirement requires the contractor to provide all resources except Government Furnished Property (GFP), to include labor, equipment, tools, materials, supervision and other associated work efforts for food service management, food production, and head counter services.

4. NGB Highlighted Acquisition Opportunities:

  • ANG System Support Reporting Services (HUBZone set aside); to be awarded in FY18
  • ARNG Consequence Management Support Center (8(a) competed); to be awarded in FY18
  • ANG Adversary Air Support Services (unrestricted)
  • ARNG Aviation Training Services (ATSO) (SDVOSB set aside)
  • ARNG Air Ground OpTempo, SDVOSB set aside on OASIS

5. USACE Highlighted Acquisition Opportunities:

  • Design and Construction of Border Wall; unrestricted
  • Operations and Maintenance Engineering Enhancement (OMEE) Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATOC)
  • Design/Build National Geospatial Agency (NGA) building; unrestricted

6. Slides Download : Army Major Commands with Contracting Authority


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