A mid-tier company may have exceeded the largest size standard that is associated with the NAICS codes governing SBA small business categories. They are seasoned businesses as a result of having been in the federal marketplace for 10 to 30 years, or more. Their revenues may range from $25M to $500M and they will likely employ from 100 to 2000 people. They are no longer considered small businesses, but neither are they large enough to compete and win against multi-billion dollar large businesses that dominate the federal market place.

Who Is Mid-Tier Advocacy, Inc?
Mid-Tier Advocacy, Inc. – MTA a 501(c)3 non-profit organization was established to work toward the elimination of the competitive disadvantage facing mid-tier government support service companies. A nonpartisan organization, MTA provides resources and public awareness through issue forums and structured branded events. As such, we leverage the collective voice for mid-tier firms in response to federal policies that impact their growth and sustainability.